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Elements and the Tarot – Know the Tarot Suits

Elements and the Tarot – Know the Tarot Suits

Tarot Reading May 20, 2017

In the universe, there are four key elements such as Earth, Water, Air and Fire becomes a reason for the existence of all living things. The Tarot suits are also associated with each these elements. In a tarot deck, there are four suits in which each one of the four different suits is connected with the energy of these four elements. It describes the core function as well as qualities of a thing. In tarot card reading, these are key elements for accurate prediction.

Know the Elements for Tarot Reading India

Here we are describing the four elements and its association with the Tarot Suits

  • AIR – Swords are associated with AIR also represents spiritual energy.

Tarot suits use AIR element to represent logic and reasoning and the intellect, and communication. As AIR is an active element that circulates and thus purifies, it conveys your dreams and thoughts. AIR element is useful to know your thoughts or mind which can be seen as clouded or clear, air is required, to speak that need breathe.

  • Earth – Pentacles are associated with the EARTH represents physical energy.

Earth is a passive element used to represent the material, the sensual and the physical. It promotes prosperity, allows production and growth and become the foundation to build anything.

  • Water Cups are associated with WATER represents emotional energy.

Water represents your feeling, emotions and intuition. It is a passive element, just like shallow or deep water. It can be still or destructive and turbulent. It is flexible and has movement.

  • Fire Wands are associated with FIRE represents mental energy.

Fire is an active element represents action and energy. It is an ambition and passion as well as cause eternal change and can be aggressive as well as expensive.

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