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Numbers of Tarot Cards in a Deck – Know the Facts

Numbers of Tarot Cards in a Deck – Know the Facts

Astrology Tarot Reading June 12, 2017

As with advancement in technology has facilitated people to make their task efficient, but at the same time, the struggle and stresses are also increasing with harsh competition in every field all over the world. This has made life full of struggle and hardship for everyone. Hence, in order to get peace and progress in life, it requires having some fruitful solution helps people to show a positive direction. Astrology Tarot Reading is a most popular way helps people to guide them in their struggling period or lead them to take right decision.

Tarot Card Reading is an ancient method started in the late 18th century and since then it popularity increases due to its accurate results enhances trust of people in this method. In the 15th century, people used it for playing cards. There are different methods used for Tarot Reading Prediction in different countries. Today, it is popularly used in several countries of the world including India.

Normally, Tarot decks have several varieties and no standard numbers for how many cards are in a deck of tarot cards. The card types, the suits and its meanings become same with the differences in the illustrations. There are decks with different themes that include animals, dragons, nature, fantasy and many others. There are 78 cards in a deck which was popular in the USA known as the Rider-Waite deck. The tarot deck comprises 78 cards in which 21 trump cards, one Fool as well as four suits in which each suit contains 14 cards – four face cards and ten pip.

The Tarot deck comprises Major and Minor Arcana in which the Minor Arcana includes four suits. The suits are wands (fire), cups (water), swords (air), pentacles (earth). The Minor Arcana show the information related to the daily ups and downs in life. The Major Arcana represent ideals, principles as well as ideas. It shows powerful, big events or long-lasting energy in a particular part of life.

Interpreting the tarot cards using basic numerology helps you to predict the future. It requires in-depth knowledge and experience to understand the meaning of each card. Always ensure the knowledge of your tarot card reader before trust on their prediction completely. If you are looking for an accurate prediction using Tarot Cards, you need to contact an expert Tarot Card Reader having proficiency in Tarot Card Reading.

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